About Us

The state of Arkansas has two nicknames “The Natural State” and the “Land of Opportunity.”  Both are quite appropriate now with the growing interest in natural healing.  This has turned Arkansas into a “land of essential oil users.” That’s what we are all about.

In the last few years, as people have become acquainted with the power of essential oils, their reliance on modern drugs is declining.  They have discovered the therapeutic benefits of essential oils for both mind and body.  It’s only natural, since essential oils are safer, more effective and less expensive than modern drugs.  We hope this website helps you discover the benefits of doTERRA essential oils.

doTERRA Essential Oils

Empowered natural living with doTERRA essential oils – that’s what we are passionate about at “Land of Essential Oils.” You have come to the right place to learn more about doTERRA essential oils and how it can change your life! It’s changed us once we learned how powerful they can be.

This blog is dedicated to educating and informing about the wonders of essential oils, not only in Arkansas but throughout the South and the United States.