Summer Diffuser Blend Recipes

Create a beach feeling with a summer diffuser blendA summer diffuser blend of essential oils can bring a touch of summer’s aromas into your home. Aromatherapy using Special diffuser blends are a perfect way to make your home feel fresh and energized or calm and less stressful anytime of the year. The diffusing process works the same in the summer, just as it does in the fall and winter. Continue reading “Summer Diffuser Blend Recipes”

Lemon Essential Oil Uses

doTERRA Lemon Essential OilLemon essential oil is perhaps the most popular of all of doTERRA’s essential oils. In aromatherapy, lemon provides an energizing, uplifting feeling.  The essential oil of the lemon has monoterpenes, chemicals which have uplifting characteristics. Along with other citrus oils, Lemon is composed of Limonene and beta-Pinene, two monoterpenes that provide uplifting properties. Continue reading “Lemon Essential Oil Uses”

Guys Can Use Essential Oils, Too!

Guys can use essential oilsYes! Guys can use essential oils, and the should! Women are not the only ones who are allowed to enjoy essential oils and aromatherapy. Men are allowed to benefit from the power of essential oils. From hygiene and health to energy and around the house, every guy should be using essential oils. And they can do so without fear of smelling like a teenage boy who took a bath in cologne for a date! Yes, guys can love essential oils, too! Continue reading “Guys Can Use Essential Oils, Too!”

Repel Bugs Naturally

How to repel bugs naturally all year longModern scientific research has validated the use of essential oils as a way to repel bugs naturally. In fact, many essential oils like Lavender and Lemongrass are natural insect repellents.  Still today, many developing countries bruise hanging plants to release essential oils that repel insects.  In this post, we list some plants and essential oils that act as a natural insecticide to help keep the bugs away. Continue reading “Repel Bugs Naturally”

Essential Oil Scented Stationery

Essential Oils add a touch of class to stationeryHere is a simple way to have fancy stationery for any special occasion when just an ordinary note won’t work.  Add a classic touch to a card or note with the unique aroma of essential oil!

This simple DIY project requires the following materials:

  • Stationery (note cards, paper, and envelopes)
  • Large re-sealable plastic bag (gallon size should be perfect, unless the paper is extra-large)
  • Paper Tissue (unscented) or paper towel
  • Essential oil of choice

Continue reading “Essential Oil Scented Stationery”

Not Everyone Loves Essential Oils

Not Everyone Loves Essential OilsContrary to what you may have read elsewhere, not everyone loves essential oils!  Now, before you jump to any conclusions that begin with, “See? I told you!”  there really are some who dislike essential oils.  Allow me to explain.  Essential oils are a safe and natural solution for most any ailment.  Humans love the aroma of essential oils; however, insects do not love essential oils. It would be safe to say most creepy, crawly pests hate essential oils! Continue reading “Not Everyone Loves Essential Oils”

On Guard Hand Sanitizer Helps Protect Against Winter Threats

DIY On Guard Hand SanitizerWe tend to blame the cold weather for making us sick! However, it’s not the weather to blame for a virus! Instead, it’s more what we do when the temperature drops that makes us sick! Cold and flu virus germs love cold weather! That’s where doTERRA’s On Guard essential oil blend can help in a creative way! Continue reading “On Guard Hand Sanitizer Helps Protect Against Winter Threats”