8 Brain-Boosting Essential Oils that Should be in Your Home

Get a brain-boost with essential oilsWouldn’t it be nice to have a simple solution for when you need an energy or confidence boost? What about an easy way to reduce stress? Well, there is a simple way that can help boost your energy, your confidence, and help reduce stress. When yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises fail to provide relief, the solution is essential oils! Yes! It sounds overly simplistic, but an abundance of research shows there’s brain-boosting power with essential oils and aromatherapy. Continue reading “8 Brain-Boosting Essential Oils that Should be in Your Home”

The Benefits of Limonene

chemistry symbol for limoneneLimonene is often mentioned as a chemical property of essential oils. But what exactly is limonene and what are its benefits? First, limonene is a cyclic monoterpene, colorless hydrocarbon with a strong orange-like aroma. It found in the peels of citrus fruits and in other plants. Most are familiar with its presence in citrus essential oils; however, limonene is also found in Black Pepper, Spearmint, and Dill. Continue reading “The Benefits of Limonene”

Safe Containers to Use with Essential Oils

doTERRA Essential Oil safe containersWhat are safe containers in which to store essential oils? We know that some essential oils will dissolve certain kinds of plastic. So which container is best for storing essential oils, especially homemade DIY solutions? People often ask which type of containers are best to use. While it is true that essential oils will dissolve some plastics, there are container options that are entirely safe. Continue reading “Safe Containers to Use with Essential Oils”

Age, Memory, and Essential Oil

Age and memory decline are an accepted part of growing old. Now, scientists are learning essential oils may help inhibit memory loss. Plants have an amazing effect on the human body. Besides a plant’s ability to generate oxygen, a forest of trees is relaxing and calming effect. The smell of a flower can evoke a precious memory. Now, scientists are discovering even more how the essential oils can affect the systems in our bodies. Continue reading “Age, Memory, and Essential Oil”

Serenity Restful Complex Clinical Trial

doTERRA Serenity Restful Complex Clinical TrialAdd Serenity Restful Complex to a growing list of scientific publications the dōTERRA scientific experts have published. This study is a little unique for a couple of reasons. First, while most previous doTERRA studies involved the biological activity of essential oils, this one investigated sleep quality. Specifically, the study was on a popular dietary sleep supplement. Second, it was a human clinical trial using doTERRA employees as the participants.

Continue reading “Serenity Restful Complex Clinical Trial”

The Sense of Smell and Diffusing Essential Oils

Sense of Smell has a powerful effect on emotionsOur sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses. We have all had an experience where an aroma was associated with a positive experience. Knowledge of the role of smell in our lives helps us understand the impact of essential oils on our body. Aromatherapy takes advantage of this powerful sense.

The human body contains over a thousand smell receptors. That’s more receptors than for any of our other senses. Even though human smell receptors are not as sensitive as a dog’s, the human nose can detect thousands of varieties of odors in many different quantities.

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