Beating Jet Lag with Essential Oils

Jet Lag affects business travelers every dayJet Lag affects everyone, whether you’re a “Road Warrior” or that summer vacation trip. Most everyone who travels by air has found it affects their sleep and alertness. Traveling is always an adventure; however, it can sometimes be a stressful and tiring experience. Jet lag can happen especially when traveling long distances, but a trip of any length can bring on some level of these feelings. The good news is essential oils can help you actually have a productive business trip or enjoy your vacation. Continue reading “Beating Jet Lag with Essential Oils”

All About Veggie Capsules

Empty Veggie CapsulesVeggie capsules are one way to ingest essential oils that we often mention on this website. Some may wonder about ingesting essential oils with the aid of a capsule. Of course, an empty capsule is just one way to take essential oils internally. There’s also adding oil to water (or other liquid) as well as placing a drop on the tongue. Using a capsule will help avoid the taste of an essential oil, but also deliver the oil to the right area of the body for greater absorption (such as digestive and immune health).

Many people today purchase empty capsules to make their own medicines and supplements. We hope this post helps answer your questions about the use of capsules as an essential oil application method. Continue reading “All About Veggie Capsules”

Winning the Bedtime Battle

Essential Oils can help parents win the bedtime battleThe bedtime battle for parents of young children can be challenging. Getting the young ones to sleep and sleep through the night can be tricky for parents. There are many things that contribute to irregular sleep patterns for children. However, the use of essential oils and aromatherapy can help. Continue reading “Winning the Bedtime Battle”

Essential Oils for Ear Health

Good Ear Health with Essential OilsChildren’s ear health can be a cause of concern for parents because ears can be temperamental, especially during the formative years. Children’s ears, like adult ears, are delicate and include several small structures that work together to help the brain process sound. doTERRA Lavender, Melaleuca, and Basal essential oils can contribute to keeping all ears healthy. Continue reading “Essential Oils for Ear Health”

Produce Cleaning Spray Recipe

Washing Apples the old way - without the Produce Cleaning SprayA Produce Cleaning Spray is perfect for anyone worried about the chemicals and wax coatings found on grocery store fruits and vegetables.  Farmers protect their produce by applying a wax preservative to keep apples, oranges, cucumbers, and other produce from going bad.

Waxing fruit seals in moisture, keeps it fresh beyond the harvest season, and makes the fruit look more attractive. However, the application of wax can be for cosmetic reasons rather than necessity. After all, everyone likes pretty fruits and vegetables. Continue reading “Produce Cleaning Spray Recipe”

How to Improve Your Immune System

Immune SystemWe know our immune system is essential to our overall health. But what exactly does our immune system do? The immune system is the body’s defense against infection and illness. The immune system knows which cells are a part of the body. If the immune system finds something unfamiliar in the body, it destroys it. Sometimes the immune system overacts to basically harmless invaders, like pollen. Continue reading “How to Improve Your Immune System”

Guys Can Use Essential Oils, Too!

Guys can use essential oilsYes! Guys can use essential oils, and the should! Women are not the only ones who are allowed to enjoy essential oils and aromatherapy. Men are allowed to benefit from the power of essential oils. From hygiene and health to energy and around the house, every guy should be using essential oils. And they can do so without fear of smelling like a teenage boy who took a bath in cologne for a date! Yes, guys can love essential oils, too! Continue reading “Guys Can Use Essential Oils, Too!”