Cypress Essential Oil in the Bible

Cypress essential oil is obtained from the leafCypress essential oil has a fresh, clean, crisp smell that’s energizing and refreshing, and often used in aromatherapy. Although not mentioned in the form of an essential oil, cypress wood is mentioned 14 times in the Old Testament of the Bible. Solomon used cypress wood when building the Temple (1 Kings 6:34). Solomon probably used cypress because it is equal to redwood in its resistance to rot and insects. The tree has a naturally occurring preservative (cypressene) that protects it from decay and insects.

The Cypress tree is indigenous to the Mediterranean area and western Asia. Often used in landscapes, the tree is a perennial evergreen. The tree can grow to heights of 60 to 80 feet and are common when defining landscape spaces. It is common to see the tree around cemeteries.

The Aroma of Cypress

Cypress has a distinct psychological action in aromatherapy. One can only imagine how the aroma of cypress might fill the Jewish priests with a sense of calm when entering the temple.

Because Cypress essential oil has a grounding, yet a stimulating effect on the emotions, diffusing it during times of transition or loss can be beneficial. Cypress may also help relieve anger, irritability, and stress. Traditional Chinese medical practitioners believe cypress can enliven and regulate the flow of blood.Cypress trees in a garden setting

We obtain Cypress essential oil from the leaf of the tree during steam distillation. Cypress can enhance the mind and can help one be a more confident self. The woody “notes” of this essence bring about a feeling of unified stability to heart, mind, body and spirit. The aroma of cypress can assist in “dissolving remorse and instilling optimism.”

Cypress can help “unearth fears” that hinder change. Cypress is a good oil for those who feel a powerful urge for change, but an equally powerful sense of self-doubt, prohibiting movement forward. Because of the rejuvenating aroma and benefit to the skin, Cypress essential oil is often used by massage therapists.

You can use Cypress directly to the skin to help improve the appearance of oily skin. Add the oil directly to your toner or another skin conditioner. Use with a carrier oil when applying to your skin to avoid any possible skin sensitivity. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.