DIY Purify Magic Sponge Project

DIY Purify Magic SpongeThis Purify DIY Magic Sponge will help make cleaning a little easier. Previously, we highlighted how doTERRA’s Purify Cleansing Blend not only smells fresh but is a great surface cleaner. The oils in the Purify Blend have powerful cleaning properties.

If you are tired of always cleaning up messes, this is for you! Make life a little easier with this natural DIY sponge containing Purify Cleansing Blend. The cleansing properties of Lemon, Lime and other oils in this blend make this reusable sponge perfect for the kitchen and bathroom. It cuts through grease, grime, and everything in between.

Purify Magic Sponge Ingredient Highlights

In addition to the Purify essential oil blend, there are three main ingredients to this DIY project.


The key ingredient in commercial “magic erasing pads” and similar products is melamine foam. Melamine foam erasers only need water to clean most stains effectively. They are effective because of a cell structure that acts likea super-fine sandpaper and traps dirt in the open spaces of the sponge. Generic melamine sponges are less expensive than name-brand abrasive cleaning sponge products!

Melamine is an organic, flame retardant substance in many plastic products. It is used in countertops, cabinets, and dishware. There was a problem in 2008 when the basic chemical was added to infant milk formula in China to increase the protein. In the United States, the FDA has not approved the use of melamine for human or animal consumption. The FDA says melamine dishware is safe for food as long as it is not heated above 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda (sodium bicarbonate), is a naturally occurring, non-toxic substance. For cleaning, baking soda helps dissolve dirt and grease. It is mildly abrasive and can lift and remove dirt. As a gentle scouring powder safe to use on glass, chrome, steel, enamel, and plastic. Industrially, baking soda is used to clean large machinery and commercial kitchen equipment. When dissolved in water, baking soda deodorizes by neutralizing odors instead of covering them up with artificial scents.


Borax (sodium borate decahydrate) is an odorless alkaline that is a natural multipurpose cleaner. It disinfects and is often mixed with other cleaning agents. Borax cleans by converting some water molecules to hydrogen peroxide (in hot water) which increases the effectiveness of cleaners. Borax also helps keep ingredients dispersed evenly to maximize the cleaning power.

Purify Magic Sponge Recipe

doTERRA Purify Cleansing BlendIngredients


  1. Add baking soda, borax, hot water, and Purify oil to a glass container
  2. Mix until all powder is dissolved.
  3. Place melamine sponge in the mixture and press firmly to allow the sponge to absorb the liquid.
  4. To use, remove sponge, gently wring out excess liquid, and start cleaning.

Upon finishing, merely rinse the sponge off with clean, cold water and return to the glass container with the cleaning mixture. Store covered until the next use.

How to Use the Purify Magic Sponge

You can use the DIY Purify Magic Sponge to clean just about everything.

  • Clean surfaces – use on countertops and messes on the floor.
  • Dirt and grease marks from doors – the area around the knob always has some extra grime.
  • Remove fingerprints and smudge from light switches – clean the plate and surrounding wall.
  • Vinyl screen door – the exterior side of the back door always seems to be messy.
  • Fingerprints on cabinets – the ones you open multiple times a day are the worst.
  • Make the see-thru doggie door see-thru again – it accumulates everything from dog slobber, fur, and other grime.
  • Wipe dust and dirt from baseboards – especially in those tight, hard-to-reach corners.
  • Chrome fixtures – great for removing hard water build-up and soap scum from kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

Bonus Purify Magic Sponge Tip

If you buy the generic melamine sponges, cut them down! Cut each sponge into different size mini-rectangles for large and small cleaning projects. The sponge wears out over time. You will get anywhere from 10 to 12 uses from each sponge! So, don’t “waste” a large sponge on a small task.

You’ll most likely find more uses for smaller size sponges than one large sponge most times. And, several small sponges will fit into your solution and storage container instead of one large sponge.

DIY Cost Comparison

The typical commercial, name-brand, “magic” sponge is about 0.74 each (based on an 8-count package @ 5.89) 12cm x 6 cm size

DIY Purify Magic Sponge:
0.12 Generic Sponge (each, 100-count package @ $12) 10cm x 6 cm size
0.02 Baking soda (1-tablespoon, 1-pound package @ 0.79)
0.02 Borax (1-teaspoon, 65-ounce package @ 4.47)
0.21 Purify (3 drops, 15ml bottle @ $18)
0.37 Total DIY cost for a 10cm x 6cm DIY sponge