Essential Oil Scented Stationery

Essential Oils add a touch of class to stationeryHere is a simple way to have fancy stationery for any special occasion when just an ordinary note won’t work.  Add a classic touch to a card or note with the unique aroma of essential oil!

This simple DIY project requires the following materials:

  • Stationery (note cards, paper, and envelopes)
  • Large re-sealable plastic bag (gallon size should be perfect, unless the paper is extra-large)
  • Paper Tissue (unscented) or paper towel
  • Essential oil of choice


Create Your Own Essential Oil Stationery

To create your personal scented stationery:

  1. Place 5 to 10 sheets of the stationery, inside the large sealable plastic storage bag.
  2. Fold the tissue (or paper towel) in half eight times.
  3. Drop 10–15 drops of your desired essential oil (or oil blend) on folded tissue.
  4. Place the folded tissue with oil between the sheets of paper inside the plastic bag.
  5. Seal the plastic bag, and allow it to sit for 1–2 days so that the aroma can permeate all of the papers.

When you have a need for scented stationery, take one out of the plastic bag, and use as normal.  Be sure to reseal the plastic bag with remaining unused paper to retain the scent for the next use.

To add scent to many sheets of paper at one time, you can also stack the paper in a box with a tissue placed between every 5-10 sheets of paper.  Seal the box shut with tape and allow to sit for one or two days before using.

Essential Oils To Consider

Some oils to consider using:

Bergamot            Cinnamon               Elevation             Lemongrass

Birch                      Citrus Bliss             Holiday Joy         Serenity

Cassia                  Cypress                    Lavender             Wild Orange

Imagine the possibilities of Christmas cards scented with Holiday Joy, Lift someone’s spirits with a Thanking of You card scented with Elevation or Wild Orange, Get Well cards with Lavender or Lemongrass; Valentine cards scented with Serenity.  The possibilities are endless!

Rekindle the lost art of letter writing with scented note cards and paper.  Make someone feel special.  Using essential oils to scent a handwritten note not only adds a touch of class to your message, but also will brighten someone’s day.