Essential Oils in the Classroom

Using doTERRA Essential Oils in the ClassroomThe use of essential oils in the classroom can benefit students as well as the instructor. Diffusing essential oils in the classroom is proven to help with student productivity as well as their mood. This form of aromatherapy also helps with concentration – for the students and instructor. Natural solutions and remedies gaining in popularity. Many people now reach for their essential oils as an alternative to taking over-the-counter medicines.

In the classroom, one instructor while proctoring a standardized test diffused essential oils to help the students. After the test, one student asked about the aroma in the room. The student said she enjoyed the smell and how great she felt about taking the test. She even asked about getting her own essential oils to help with her homework.

Best Essential Oils for Classrooms

Essential oils have many uses in the classroom. From helping concentration and focus to calming students. Here are some essential oils for various classroom situations:

Important: Even though doTERRA essential oils are CPTG, instructors of young children should get permission from school officials and check with the school nurse for any allergies or sensitivities students may have. The website “Teachers Pay Teachers” has a free download for parental consent for using essential oils.

Castle Rock Christian Academy

A doTERRA Wellness Advocate donated “clean hands spray” and diffusers with a bottle of doTERRA On Guard to every classroom and teacher at the Castle Rock Christian Academy in Castle Rock, Colorado in 2014.Castle Rock Christian Academy diffusing doTERRA Essential Oils in the Classroom

The positive results prompted most of the classrooms at the Academy to diffuse essential oils every day! The reason? The school has reduced the number of absences for students and teachers. Out of 19 teachers, less than 14 leave days were used during the 2015/16 school year—less than half the days used in prior years.

The school also started used non-toxic cleaning products, safe for both the children, faculty, and staff. They use doTERRA’s On Guard Foaming Hand Wash in preschool bathrooms and On Guard Cleaner Concentrate to clean tables and desks.

Pre-school instructor, Shelly Martinez, diffuses uses doTERRA On Guard and Wild Orange in her classroom every day to cleanse the air of “unpredictable” smells. She says that it helps her students stay focused.

Stacie Groves, a third-grade teacher, diffuses Lime and doTERRA On Guard daily in her classroom. She lets her students take turns picking out which essential oil to use in the diffuser each day.

Classroom Essential Oil Blends

Here are some essential oil combinations for the classroom to use throughout the school day:

“Wake Up” Blend
1 drop Wild Orange + 1 drop Peppermint
Both Wild Orange and Peppermint are energizing, so this is an excellent combination to help perk up students first thing in the morning.

“Stay Focused” BlendDiffusing doTERRA Essential Oils in the classroom
1 drop Lemon + 2 drops Rosemary
Rosemary is your go-to oil for enhancing memory and concentration while Lemon helps with alertness. This essential oil blend will help you and your students stay on task.

“Calm Down” Blend
2 drops Lavender + 1 drop Vetiver + 1 drop Cypress
Lavender, known for its calming and relaxing properties, combined with Vetiver and Cypress will help ground and balance the mood of the classroom. This blend will be especially good anytime energy is running high.

“Be Well” Blend
2 drops Cinnamon + 2 drops Clove + 2 drops Wild Orange + 2 drops Melaleuca
During cold and flu season, you can diffuse this essential oil blend to help your class stay healthy. Cinnamon, Clove, and Melaleuca have germ-destroying and purifying properties. Wild Orange helps mellow out this spicy scent.

“Test Taking” Blend
2 drops Grapefruit + 1 drop Spruce
Anxiety about tests can be a real struggle. This blend can help calm student fears without making them drowsy. Grapefruit and Spruce help reduce stress levels, but also motivate and boost confidence.

Essential Oils in Hospitals

In addition to classrooms, some hospitals now diffuse essential oils to help reduce workplace stress and promote natural pain relief. In 2011, Vanderbilt University Medical Center began diffusing essential oils in the Emergency Room to calm visitors & employees. They have since expanded to other parts of the hospital.

From home to school and work, essential oils are so much more than a pleasant aroma.