Free Recipe eBook Available

Fresh cooking with essential oilsRecipes are an easy way to incorporate essential oils into your health routine. In addition, cooking with essential oils can unlock a healthful and delicious experience that is easy to overlook. The American food and beverage industry has been using essential oils in recipes for well over a century.

We’ve posted several recipes in the past on this blog. Today we are announcing several of the desserts and sweets recipes are available for download as a free eBook. (A free PDF reader is required to open the file.)

The Benefits of Cooking with Essential Oils

Everyone can enjoy a world of delightful possibilities by using flavorful and aromatic essential oils in their food and drinks. If you’ve not incorporated oils in your cooking, here are some general essential oil cooking tips as well as some tips for substituting essential oils in your cooking.

The key benefits of cooking with essential oils include:

  • Essential oils such as garlic, thyme, rosemaryoregano, and basil are effective in controlling bacterial growth in food products.
  • Many essential oils (like Lavender and Lime) can control fungal infections in food. Therefore, the quality of lipid-containing foods can be extended and preserved through storage and cooking by adding these types of essential oils.
  • The flavor and fragrance of essential oils like Lavender, Peppermint, and Lemon help to prime your body for digestion through the olfactory system. This primes your digestive tract to begin releasing enzymes to help improve digestion.

Download the Free Recipe eBook

ebook Desserts and SweetsUse the button below to download a PDF copy of the free eBook. There is no charge. We’re not selling your information, and we’re not collecting or saving your information for advertising purposes. We just want to introduce everyone to the benefits of cooking with essential oil.

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