DIY All-Purpose Lemon Cleaner

DIY All-Purpose lemon cleanerLemon essential oil has many benefits. We’ve previously mentioned its benefits to the body. Also, lemon oil is perfect for recipes like cookies or a delicious slush. Even recipes for sore throats and throat drops. But there’s more! Lemon has powerful properties. Previously, we offered a popular Produce Cleaning Spray Recipe. But there’s more!

With this lemon cleaning mixture, you can shine stainless steel, remove built-up grime from microwaves, and even deep clean appliances like your washing machine and refrigerator. Lemon oil acts as a potent, non-toxic cleaning agent.

All-Purpose Lemon Cleaner Ingredients

Here are the simple ingredients to make this powerful all-purpose cleaner. Then we’ll share cleaning tips for using the Lemon essential oil cleaner.

  • 5–10 drops Lemon oil
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup vinegar
  • 16-ounce glass spray bottle


  1. Combine all ingredients in a glass container and mix well.
  2. Spray on the surface you wish to clean and wipe off with a clean cloth.
  3. Shake the bottle before you use.

Lemon Cleaner Tips

Vinegar is good at helping dissolve soap scum, brines left by hard water, and even the glue left behind by stickers. Lemon oil acts as a powerful cleaning agent, and the possibilities are truly endless when combined with vinegar!

Lemon oil makes cleaning kitchen appliances kitchen easy. To deep-clean the microwave, go one step further:

  • Cleaning microwave with lemon essential oil mixtureFill a large microwaveable cup with 4-ounces of vinegar and 4-ounces of water.
  • Add four drops of lemon essential oil to the water and vinegar mixture.
  • Place cup in the microwave and heat the cup until the mixture boils. Allow to boil for several seconds.
  • Carefully remove the hot cup from the microwave. (Save liquid for next cleaning project.)
  • Spray a cloth with the All-Purpose Lemon cleaner and wipe down the inside of the microwave.

Use this mixture with a toothbrush, microfiber cloth, or other cleaning tools to dust, clean, shine surfaces, and remove dirt and grime around the home.

One of the most overlooked areas to keep clean in the home is the air you breathe! Clean heating and cooling air vents with a sponge dipped in warm water, vinegar, and lemon oil (that you used to deep-clean the microwave above) to help eliminate allergens and dust from circulating in the air around you.

When you finish cleaning, diffuse lemon essential oil to give the entire kitchen a fresh, clean scent.

Keep this DIY Lemon Cleaner in your kitchen for easy access to daily spills and messes. Shake well before each use.

A Word About Vinegar

Vinegar is very acidic which makes it a good cleaner and cut through most “icky” buildups. However, we need to caution you about vinegar, too. On some surfaces, vinegar can do more harm than good. Vinegar can scratch natural stone surfaces like granite and marble. Some folks find Apple Cider Vinegar works just as well for cleaning as white, distilled vinegar. It also does not have the same strong smell as white vinegar.