How to Become a Diffuser Blend Master

Anyone can become an essential oil blend masterAnyone can be an essential oil blend master. We all know diffusion is one of the easiest and most effective ways to enjoy essential oils. Placing a few drops of oil in a diffuser can immediately alter the atmosphere of a room in your home or office. When traveling, a diffuser can make any hotel room a little more comfortable as the potent aroma of essential oils permeate the air. Continue reading “How to Become a Diffuser Blend Master”

How to Create Your Own Essential Oil Blend

create your own essential oil blendEssential oils have amazing properties and benefits that can be used throughout the day. For example, you can diffuse Wild Orange oil to uplift mood and freshen the air. You can use Lemon oil in a spray bottle of water to clean tables and other surfaces. And you can apply Lavender oil to your feet at night to help you unwind at bedtime. Continue reading “How to Create Your Own Essential Oil Blend”

Essential Oils Chemistry Made Simple

The Chemistry of Essential Oils made simple by Dr. HillEssential oils chemistry sounds like anything but simple.  Many people use essential oils because they work. Others use essential oils because they smell great and make them feel better.  But understanding how they work may seem beyond them.

My experience with essential oils is that they work for me.  A few years back when I started using them, I really didn’t understand why or how they worked. Continue reading “Essential Oils Chemistry Made Simple”