DIY Cough Syrup Recipe

A natural DIY cough syrup recipe to help sooth coughsA hacking cough can make you feel lousy. Going to a store to purchase cough syrup can make you feel worse! The shelves of over-the-counter (OTC) cough medicine are filled with different products. lists over 200 different cough medications! Instead of grabbing a random box of cough medicine off the shelf this DIY Cough Syrup Recipe is perfect for calming a cough and scratchy throat. Continue reading “DIY Cough Syrup Recipe”

On Guard Hand Sanitizer Helps Protect Against Winter Threats

DIY On Guard Hand SanitizerWe tend to blame the cold weather for making us sick! However, it’s not the weather to blame for a virus! Instead, it’s more what we do when the temperature drops that makes us sick! Cold and flu virus germs love cold weather! That’s where doTERRA’s On Guard essential oil blend can help in a creative way! Continue reading “On Guard Hand Sanitizer Helps Protect Against Winter Threats”