Container Gardening with Essential Oils

Container garden with fresh basil, parsley, and mint.Container gardening is appealing during the winter and for those living where a regular garden is not possible or practical. Additionally, a garden can be time-consuming, but who doesn’t love homegrown fresh herbs and veggies? That’s why container gardens can be a useful option when you are trying to grow your own veggies, or fresh herbs, especially for apartment dwellers and anyone with limited space. Continue reading “Container Gardening with Essential Oils”

Safe Containers to Use with Essential Oils

doTERRA Essential Oil safe containersWhat are safe containers in which to store essential oils? We know that some essential oils will dissolve certain kinds of plastic. So which container is best for storing essential oils, especially homemade DIY solutions? People often ask which type of containers are best to use. While it is true that essential oils will dissolve some plastics, there are container options that are entirely safe. Continue reading “Safe Containers to Use with Essential Oils”