Gingerbread Cookie Recipe

Gingerbread Cookie Recipe with essential oilsA Gingerbread Cookie is always a special treat during the holidays. This recipe features cookies that are gluten-free, sugar-free, and vegan making them perfect for most anyone with dietary restrictions. The best part – they taste great. If you have little ones to entertain, put out some plain gingerbread cookies and let them do the icing!  Continue reading “Gingerbread Cookie Recipe”

Spearmint Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Spearmint Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe with doTERRA Spearmint essential oilSpearmint Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe? Cooking with essential oil may seem daunting.  Trying a new recipe can be tricky, especially with essential oils and some different ingredients, might seem impossible.  This recipe for delicious cookies uses what might not be typically healthy ingredients, as well as spearmint essential oil and does not disappoint.  Healthy can be tasty! Continue reading “Spearmint Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe”