8 Reasons to Ingest Essential Oils

Adding a few drops to water is one way to ingest essential oilsTo ingest essential oils means going beyond just putting them on your skin or using them in a diffuser for aromatherapy. Besides the eight reasons we present below, the internal use of essential oils has two significant benefits. First, oils have specific benefits for the various body organs or cells. The second major benefit is they can enhance your recipes. We invite you to check out the different recipes on this website if you’ve never tried cooking with essential oils. Continue reading “8 Reasons to Ingest Essential Oils”

Lavender Cupcake Recipe

Lavender Cupcake Recipe with doTERRA Lavender essential oilA Lavender Cupcake Recipe, really?  We don’t normally think of lavender as a culinary herb.  When we think of things like chives, dill, and basil.  However, lavender has a distinct advantage over all the other herbs standing in your spice rack: versatility.   A baker wouldn’t add chives to shortbread cookies, or dill to chocolate cake, or basil to an orange chiffon cake. Continue reading “Lavender Cupcake Recipe”

Spearmint Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Spearmint Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe with doTERRA Spearmint essential oilSpearmint Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe? Cooking with essential oil may seem daunting.  Trying a new recipe can be tricky, especially with essential oils and some different ingredients, might seem impossible.  This recipe for delicious cookies uses what might not be typically healthy ingredients, as well as spearmint essential oil and does not disappoint.  Healthy can be tasty! Continue reading “Spearmint Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe”

Cooking with Essential Oils

Fresh cooking with essential oilsCooking and ingesting essential oils can be the subject of much controversy, but it’s nothing new.  If you’ve ever enjoyed pasta with sauce, devoured a piece of peppermint chocolate candy, put cinnamon on French Toast, or enjoyed a gingerbread cookie during the holidays you’ve ingested an essential oil! Continue reading “Cooking with Essential Oils”