How to Become a Diffuser Blend Master

Anyone can become an essential oil blend masterAnyone can be an essential oil blend master. We all know diffusion is one of the easiest and most effective ways to enjoy essential oils. Placing a few drops of oil in a diffuser can immediately alter the atmosphere of a room in your home or office. When traveling, a diffuser can make any hotel room a little more comfortable as the potent aroma of essential oils permeate the air. Continue reading “How to Become a Diffuser Blend Master”

How to Clean Your Diffuser Properly

How to clean your diffuser properly.We have written about how diffusers are an ideal asset for home or office. Depending upon the oil, a diffuser can help purify the air and freshen the space. Certain oils can help promote calming and promoting sleep. Others can help start your day, and some will help ground the mind by reducing feelings of stress and anxious feelings. A grounded mind can have a profound impact on your level of creativity and innovation. Continue reading “How to Clean Your Diffuser Properly”

Summer Diffuser Blend Recipes

Create a beach feeling with a summer diffuser blendA summer diffuser blend of essential oils can bring a touch of summer’s aromas into your home. Aromatherapy using Special diffuser blends are a perfect way to make your home feel fresh and energized or calm and less stressful anytime of the year. The diffusing process works the same in the summer, just as it does in the fall and winter. Continue reading “Summer Diffuser Blend Recipes”

Personal Diffuser: A Household Necessity

doTERRA Pedal personal diffuserThe use of a personal diffuser in aromatherapy brings about a soothing and healthful bit of contentment to life. Diffusers offer several therapeutic benefits.  You will be eliminating stress and feel refreshed at the same time using unique blends of aromatic essential oils.  Today, personal diffusers come in all shapes and sizes for a variety of different applications.  Continue reading “Personal Diffuser: A Household Necessity”

Essential Oil Application Methods – part 2

In our previous post, we talked about how to use essential oils.  The post explained the basics of Aromatic, Topical and Internal application of essential oils. In this post, we will take a closer look at each of the three methods with information on how to actually implement those application methods in using essential oils.

Diffuser stream of essential oilsAromatic

Last time, we talked about how aromatic application is the simplest method to reap the benefits of essential oils. Besides placing a few drops of essential oil on your hands and cupping your hands over your nose, here are other methods of diffusing essential oils. Continue reading “Essential Oil Application Methods – part 2”

Diffuser – Better Than a Candle!

You can recreate the smell of a pine branch with a diffuser

Nothing reminds me more of the holidays than the scent of pine.  The clean, woodsy aroma makes me think of a field of snow-coated Christmas trees. To complete that perfect centerpiece or mantle decoration, many homemakers top off their home’s décor with an appropriately scented candle.  There is a better way – a diffuser with essential oils! Continue reading “Diffuser – Better Than a Candle!”