Peace Reassuring Blend Essential Oil

Peace Reassuring Blend can help balance emotions associated with the fear of public speaking.When anxious feelings leave us feeling anxiousness and overwhelmed, we seek peace and reassurance. Though it can be challenging to remain calm and composed in a hectic and unpredictable world, doTERRA’s Peace Reassuring provides significant aromatherapy benefits to help escape from discontent and worry. The blend is a positive reminder that things don’t have to be perfect for there to be peace. Continue reading “Peace Reassuring Blend Essential Oil”

Essential Oils: Emotion and Love

Hands forming heart, sunset backgroundWe have all experienced a childhood memory after inhaling a distinct aroma.  Smell provokes vivid memories. My favorite is of coffee brewing and bacon cooking in the morning. That smell combination conjures up strong, pleasant memories of my mother preparing a hot breakfast for us. Also, aromas have a profound effect on our emotions.  Essential oils can even help one’s emotional health. At this time of the year when the focus is on those we love, we thought it would be worth taking a look at how aromatherapy might influence the emotion of love. Continue reading “Essential Oils: Emotion and Love”