Black Bean Fudge Recipe

Black Bean Fudge with Essential OilBlack bean fudge may sound strange and even unappetizing at first glance. After all, fudge is one of those comfort foods that is supposed to make one feel guilty after eating it, right? The fact is, this recipe for fudge is surprisingly rich and packed with chocolatey flavor. Besides, “fudge” and “healthy” are two words you wouldn’t expect to find in the same sentence.

The twist in this recipe is fudge that is healthier and guilt free! Don’t pass up this recipe just because black beans are the primary ingredient. The essential oils add an unexpected flavor and add to the health benefits. Keep reading! You’ll be glad you did! Continue reading “Black Bean Fudge Recipe”

Essential Oil Facts

scientists working on essential oil factsThere are many essential oil facts. It’s what this blog is all about. In previous posts, we’ve pointed out how essential oils have been used throughout history in aromatherapy and for a variety of medicinal purposes. In this post, we highlight a few more essential oils facts as well as facts about using and storing essential oils. Continue reading “Essential Oil Facts”

All About Veggie Capsules

Empty Veggie CapsulesVeggie capsules are one way to ingest essential oils that we often mention on this website. Some may wonder about ingesting essential oils with the aid of a capsule. Of course, an empty capsule is just one way to take essential oils internally. There’s also adding oil to water (or other liquid) as well as placing a drop on the tongue. Using a capsule will help avoid the taste of an essential oil, but also deliver the oil to the right area of the body for greater absorption (such as digestive and immune health).

Many people today purchase empty capsules to make their own medicines and supplements. We hope this post helps answer your questions about the use of capsules as an essential oil application method. Continue reading “All About Veggie Capsules”

Back to School with Essential Oils

Back to School with essential oils for healthIt’s back to school time again! When the school supplies go on sale, it’s time for that last trip to the lake. Summer is coming to an end, and it’s time to plan on healthy after school snacks and how to keep your child healthy at school. Essential oils need to be a part of your planning, too. Continue reading “Back to School with Essential Oils”

Essential Oil Metabolism

Essential Oil Metabolism study in the labUnderstanding essential oil metabolism in the body can give us a better appreciation of their wellness-promoting power. We know that when an essential oil enters the bloodstream, it has an effect on the entire body. As the oil circulates in the bloodstream, it interacts with tissues and cells throughout the body. Continue reading “Essential Oil Metabolism”