Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger Essential Oil comes from the fresh rhizomeGinger Essential Oil comes from the fresh rhizome (the underground stalk of the plant that shoots out the root system) of the ginger plant. doTERRA Ginger comes from Madagascar, off the east coast of Africa – the fourth largest island in the world. The essential oil is obtained in a steam distillation process of the rhizome. In aromatherapy, ginger can help create a sense of equilibrium. Continue reading “Ginger Essential Oil”

Ginger Pear Green Smoothie Recipe

Ginger Pear Green Smoothie recipe This Ginger Pear Green Smoothie recipe takes green drinks to new taste level, not to mention wellness.

The drink is packed full of nutrients, fibers, and minerals that will keep you fueled and at top efficiency.  Don’t let the green scare you away (unless you’re Irish).  This smoothie is easy to make and quite tasty.  You may find you’ll be it for breakfast and lunch. Continue reading “Ginger Pear Green Smoothie Recipe”