Container Gardening with Essential Oils

Container garden with fresh basil, parsley, and mint.Container gardening is appealing during the winter and for those living where a regular garden is not possible or practical. Additionally, a garden can be time-consuming, but who doesn’t love homegrown fresh herbs and veggies? That’s why container gardens can be a useful option when you are trying to grow your own veggies, or fresh herbs, especially for apartment dwellers and anyone with limited space. Continue reading “Container Gardening with Essential Oils”

Lavender Cupcake Recipe

Lavender Cupcake Recipe with doTERRA Lavender essential oilA Lavender Cupcake Recipe, really?  We don’t normally think of lavender as a culinary herb.  When we think of things like chives, dill, and basil.  However, lavender has a distinct advantage over all the other herbs standing in your spice rack: versatility.   A baker wouldn’t add chives to shortbread cookies, or dill to chocolate cake, or basil to an orange chiffon cake. Continue reading “Lavender Cupcake Recipe”