DIY Citrus Fabric Softener with Essential Oils

DIY Citrus Fabric Softener with Essential OilsThis DIY Citrus Fabric Softener can reduce wrinkles, and leave your clothes softer with a pleasant scent. Commercial fabric softeners make your clothes softer by leaving behind a film, which is made up of potentially harmful chemicals. So, skip the risk and the expense by making your own laundry softener. It is actually much easier than it sounds. This recipe requires just two ingredients: white vinegar and essential oils.

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Key Lime Pie Parfait with Essential Oil

Key Lime Pie Parfait with Lime Essential OilKey lime pie is a delicious and refreshing dessert. A light, tasty dessert can be the perfect ending to a heavy meal. This take on a key lime pie is light, healthy, and good enough to eat for breakfast. The Lime essential oil adds a richness in flavor and helps to support a healthy immune function. Continue reading “Key Lime Pie Parfait with Essential Oil”

Essential Oil Cleaning Recipes

Cleaning with On Guard doesn't require a bucket of suppliesUsing essential oil for cleaning makes cleaning easier and healthier! Not only can essential oils cleanse surfaces and purify the air, but they leave behind a pleasant aroma that will instantly make your home feel clean and refreshed without that ‘hospital’ smell. Let’s face it, cleaning around the house is never a pleasant chore. Not only because, well, it’s a chore; but because over-the-counter cleaners can be toxic. Continue reading “Essential Oil Cleaning Recipes”

Jalapeno Goat Cheese White Bean Hummus Dip Recipe

Hummus-Dip with essential oilsHummus Dip is a perfect snack for most any party, and it’s good for you! The pairing of goat cheese with spicy jalapenos and the hearty beans provides a terrific taste with healthy ingredients. Add in the benefits of cilantro and lime essential oils, and you have the perfect dip for your party and your health. Serve with veggies (or bread) and your guests will be asking for the recipe. Continue reading “Jalapeno Goat Cheese White Bean Hummus Dip Recipe”

Lime Essential Oil

lime essential oil comes from the lime peelLime essential oil provides many cleansing benefits when taken internally or used topically.  Lime has a distinct aroma and taste; it is also the perfect oil for purifying skin, air, and surfaces.  The essential oil helps support healthy immune function and can be an internal cleanser (when taken in water). When added to drinking water, lime enhances the flavor and provides antioxidant support for the body. Continue reading “Lime Essential Oil”