Hot Cocoa Recipe with Essential Oil

Hot Cocoa recipe with Peppermint Essential OilFall is hot cocoa season. Nothing is more ingrained in Americans’ collective childhood memories quite like a cup of hot chocolate on a cold day. The luxurious taste of hot chocolate is thick and rich and full of calories! In this recipe, we present a twist on that childhood favorite chocolatey treat. This recipe will trick your taste buds into thinking you are drinking something a lot more indulgent than what you really are and is better for you! Continue reading “Hot Cocoa Recipe with Essential Oil”

Essential Oil Cleaning Recipes

Cleaning with On Guard doesn't require a bucket of suppliesUsing essential oil for cleaning makes cleaning easier and healthier! Not only can essential oils cleanse surfaces and purify the air, but they leave behind a pleasant aroma that will instantly make your home feel clean and refreshed without that ‘hospital’ smell. Let’s face it, cleaning around the house is never a pleasant chore. Not only because, well, it’s a chore; but because over-the-counter cleaners can be toxic. Continue reading “Essential Oil Cleaning Recipes”

After Sun Soothing Spray

After Sun Soothing SprayThis After Sun Soothing Spray is perfect for skin suffering from overexposure to the sun. The properties of Lavender, Melaleuca, and Peppermint Essential Oils make a perfect blend for soothing the skin. Summer and the outdoors go together. The Summer Sun is good, but too much exposure can cause irritation. Next time you deal with the discomfort of too much sun, try this after-sun soothing spray with essential oils. Continue reading “After Sun Soothing Spray”

Peppermint Black Bean Brownie Recipe

Black Bean BrownieA Peppermint Black Bean Brownie may sound odd, but is a delicious and nutritious twist to the traditional brownie. The black beans are full of protein and have a very mild flavor besides being incredibly rich and creamy. The essential oil adds a unique flavor twist to the recipe. You can even swap out Wild Orange, Cinnamon, or even Lavender for the Peppermint essential oil. Continue reading “Peppermint Black Bean Brownie Recipe”

Five Amazing Facts about Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil with drop falling into a bottle
Peppermint essential oil smells great!  We’ve previously discussed how the use of Peppermint in aromatherapy can help promote a sense of focus and an uplifting mood.  When applied to the skin, peppermint’s cooling sensation can help relieve feelings of tension.  And, we’ve shared the history and facts about peppermint essential oil.  However, there are some amazing facts that we had to share to remind everyone of how amazing facts about this essential oil. Continue reading “Five Amazing Facts about Peppermint Essential Oil”

Repel Bugs Naturally

How to repel bugs naturally all year longModern scientific research has validated the use of essential oils as a way to repel bugs naturally. In fact, many essential oils like Lavender and Lemongrass are natural insect repellents.  Still today, many developing countries bruise hanging plants to release essential oils that repel insects.  In this post, we list some plants and essential oils that act as a natural insecticide to help keep the bugs away. Continue reading “Repel Bugs Naturally”

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint essential oil comes from the peppermint leafOne of my favorite essential oils is peppermint. The oil is invigorating when used in aromatherapy.  For centuries, peppermint essential oil has been used to soothe digestive difficulties and freshen breath. When ingested, peppermint promotes healthy respiratory function and clear breathing. Peppermint is also a natural bug repellant! Continue reading “Peppermint Essential Oil”