DIY Baby Powder with Essential Oil

DIY Baby Powder with Essential OilBaby powder is great when it comes to absorbing moisture and cutting down on friction. Most parents use it to help prevent rashes and other skin irritations like chafing. A baby’s skin is delicate and can be extra sensitive to the chemicals in commercial products.

We have previously written about the soothing qualities of many essential oils. It makes sense that a DIY baby powder with essential oil would certainly help keep baby’s skin soft, dry, and smooth. Continue reading “DIY Baby Powder with Essential Oil”

A Basic Guide for Safe Essential Oil Topical Application

Topical Application of essential oil to the faceTopical application of essential oils to your skin has a few more things to consider than applying hand or body lotion. However, learning the basics of this aromatherapy technique is really quite simple.

In general, apply essential oils to an area for their localized effect. After exercise, for example, to soothe sore leg muscles apply the oil to the calves. Another reason for the topical application of essential oils is to experience them aromatically. Place oil on your wrists, chest, or behind the ears.

There are a few basic guidelines to follow for best results when applying essential oil to your skin. Continue reading “A Basic Guide for Safe Essential Oil Topical Application”