Cinnamon Bark Study

doTERRA Scientist study cinnamon barkCinnamon Bark is one of the oldest spices in history in use as early as 2,000BC. It was so highly prized among ancient nations that it was an appropriate gift for royalty. Egyptians employed it (along with cassia) as a part of the embalming process. Cinnamon is mentioned in the Old Testament as an ingredient in anointing oil. Evidence suggests the entire ancient world had a use for cinnamon. The word “cinnamon” originates from the Malaysia or Indonesia term “kayumanis,” which means “sweet wood.” Continue reading “Cinnamon Bark Study”

Rosemary Essential Oil Helps Improve Memory

Trying to remember may be as simple as rosemary essential oilA series of aromatherapy studies at the British Northumbria University, Newcastle found the aroma of rosemary essential oil helps improve memory. One study showed the aroma of rosemary essential oil helps cognition in both healthy adults and school age children in a classroom setting. Continue reading “Rosemary Essential Oil Helps Improve Memory”