TerraShield Essential Oil Blend

TerraShield Essential Oil Blend can help keep mosquitos awayTerraShield essential oil blend is for anyone who goes outdoors during the spring and summer. If you spend any time outside, TerraShield wards any insect that want to spoil your outdoor activities. The essential oil blend is safe for everyone in your family.  It’s effective aromatherapy to help your garden flourish by giving it a protective barrier!
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Repel Bugs Naturally

How to repel bugs naturally all year longModern scientific research has validated the use of essential oils as a way to repel bugs naturally. In fact, many essential oils like Lavender and Lemongrass are natural insect repellents.  Still today, many developing countries bruise hanging plants to release essential oils that repel insects.  In this post, we list some plants and essential oils that act as a natural insecticide to help keep the bugs away. Continue reading “Repel Bugs Naturally”