Use Essential Oils to Fight Air Pollution

Essential Oils can help fight air pollution Air pollution is bad not only for the environment but our lungs, too. Today’s automobiles run cleaner. But what about household cleaning products? Fumes from various household products also pollute the indoor environment – and your lungs. A study by researchers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the University of Colorado at Boulder suggests it’s time to start paying attention to everyday household products that release Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) if we really want to clean up the air we breathe.

Vehicle emissions have gone from making up 75 percent of human-caused VOCs to 50 percent, due to regulations like the Clean Air Act. However, household products have started to make up a greater proportion of VOCs. The remaining half comes primarily from chemical products.

When VOCs react with sunlight and gases in the atmosphere, they form tropospheric ozone – more commonly called “smog.” Smog is bad for our health, but VOCs also cause problems indoors (where the average American spends most of their time). Although indoor VOCs don’t form smog (sunlight is a key ingredient for that), they can cause eye and lung irritation, as well as headaches, and allergic reactions.

Household Cleaners Cause Air Pollution

We’ve mostly ignored the chemicals and potential pollutants released when using household cleaning products. So, the NOAA-led study tried to trace specific sources of these compounds. The focus was on such VOCs as ethanol, acetone, and isopropanol, common ingredients in household cleaning products.

While the chemicals in household cleaners foam, bleach, and disinfect to make everything from dishes, bathtubs, floors, and countertops clean and germ-free, many also contribute to indoor air pollution. In many cases, the products are poisonous if ingested, and can be harmful if inhaled or touched.

Since many of the ingredients in manufactured products are considered proprietary, the actual chemical components are not listed on the product packaging. Instead, companies use catch-all terms like “fragrance” which sounds “nice.” However, there are some 2,000 compounds that fall under the term “fragrance.” The pleasant smell of a spray air freshener is created synthetically. (You didn’t think that pine-scented air “freshener” in a spray can was real forest air, did you?)

Fight Indoor Air Pollution with Essential OilsdoTERRA On Guard Essential Oil Blend

Essential oils can help! Really! On Guard, doTERRA’s Protective Blend is one of doTERRA’s most popular essential oil blends due to its versatility and its ability to defend the immune system. In addition, the essential oils that make up this unique essential oil blend make it an excellent natural cleaner. A cleaner that doesn’t have any of the harsh chemicals and nameless “fragrances” of synthetic products.

On Guard Products that Fight Air Pollution

Over the years, doTERRA has expanded the number of On Guard products enabling more at-home and on-the-go uses of the doTERRA On Guard essential oil blend. The following products make up the renowned doTERRA On Guard product line.

doTERRA On Guard® Cleaner Concentrate

This product makes the ideal natural cleaner. Infused with the doTERRA On Guard essential oil blend, it offers a safe, non-toxic alternative to toxic cleaners and provides natural protection against certain environmental factors while helping eliminate odors. This cleaner has an invigorating aroma and can be used to clean hard surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, or any room that needs its cleansing effects.doTERRA On Guard Cleaner Concentrate

The unique On Guard Cleaner Concentrate is safe enough to spray or soak children’s toys after a play date. For an all-purpose cleaning spray, add two tablespoons to a 24-ounce spray bottle and fill with water. Use to clean windows, mirrors, and glass surfaces.

For a stronger, non-toxic cleaner, add three tablespoons of the concentrate to a gallon of water to wash the dishes or use to clean eating surfaces. Spray the solution on kitchen counters after cooking with raw meat. The solution is great to use on sticky, hard to remove spots around the home, too.

If you need to get rid of a pesky order, just spray On Guard Cleaner Solution around the house to reduce odors. Make cleaning simpler by using On Guard Cleaner Concentrate in your dirty bathroom.

doTERRA On Guard® Foaming Hand Wash

Different from other commercially branded hand washes, doTERRA On Guard Foaming Hand Wash is a gentle cleanser fortified with doTERRA On Guard essential oil blend to clean On Guard Foaming Hand Washand soften hands without irritating or drying sensitive skin. This hand wash gives off a spicy and citrus scent and is pH balanced to protect the delicate moisture barriers of the skin. Children love the aroma of this cinnamon and citrus soap, even if they have a sensitive nose.

On Guard Foaming Hand Wash has an enhanced cleaning ability, even after working on the car, that sets it apart from other hand soaps; yet is safe to use at the kitchen and bathroom sinks to keep hands clean and soft.

doTERRA On Guard® Laundry Detergent

This natural-based detergent is free of synthetic fragrances, dyes, and toxins. It contains a combination of doTERRA On Guard essential oil blend and bio-originated enzymes that work together to lift stains and leave clothes smelling, looking, and feeling clean. On Guard Laundry Detergent_200x443This laundry detergent is color safe for washable fabrics at all temperatures. One bottle can handle up to 64 loads.

On Guard Laundry Detergent helps rid each wash load of laundry of environmental threats to keep your family safe and your clothes fresh and clean. The detergent is strong enough to get grass stains out of clothes and keep them looking like new. Yet, it helps preserve the soft and delicate fabric of beautiful clothing.

The best part is you don’t have to use half a bottle to get the cleaning you need. Just add one tablespoon of detergent to each wash load for effective results.

It can be quite reassuring to know the products that clean your home are safe and family-friendly. It’s even more comforting to know you can breathe clean air freely in your own home.